What Clients Say

“Martine came to my rescue at the lowest point in my life. She came to my home that day, gave me hope, and talked some much needed sense into me. Ever since, Martine has gone above and beyond to help me and guide my path to recovery. She has accommodated all my needs through sessions, phone calls, and even texting. In just a few months, I have been able to transform from a lost and depressed mother into someone with a clear and bright path ahead. I am very much looking forward to continuing my work with her, which has provided such amazing results!”
- Leanne
“Working with Martine has brought my recovery to a level I failed to know existed. I started working with Martine with some sobriety time already under my belt, but I was still lost. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was direction- less. Martine has helped me organize my goals, make them attainable, and take the steps in order to become closer to being the person I feel that I set-out to be. She has helped me better implement these tools I have learned in sobriety towards resolving: work issues, family problems, relationship trust issues, and everything else that I needed work on. Basically everything. All of these aspects of my life have dramatically improved since working with Martine. She has a genuine and cohesive approach that makes my “end of the world problems” feel less scary. In our sessions we make realistic goals, time frames, and structured approaches toward increasing my overall well-being. I am grateful for Martine’s presence and influence in my recovery and I am excited to see what’s ahead.”
- Julia
I just wanted to write to say thank you for everything. I’ve met someone lovely! And I do think it’s all down to the work I did with you as I now feel that I deserve a lovely relationship! Thank you for helping me work on my self esteem and for helping me to realise my own self worth. It’s helped me in all areas of my life and I’m so much happier.
- Kelly
I contacted Martine after I had broken up with my covert narcissist husband, after a very long relationship. Martine’s coaching helped me to see things from more than one perspective. I found her style to be warm, friendly, non judgemental and logical. In addition to this to be practical and she just gets what you are trying to say. Martine is an expert in narcissistic abuse and my life’s completely transformed since working with her. Thank you so much Martine.
- Lauren
Although I am no longer in an abusive relationship, I still bore the scars, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and a fear of being in a another relationship. During our 1 to 1 sessions with Martine, she dug deep into why I attracted narcissist. She taught me the skills and techniques to overcome negative self talk and limiting beliefs. Martine helped me realise that I can live a fulfilled life again and I am embracing it and loving life again! I now believe that I am worthy of love and now recognize the signs of a toxic relationship. I simply can not thank Martine enough for getting my life back on track and for helping me rediscover myself again.
- Vanessa
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